Learn to play  in a fun environment, playing on a golf course without the pressure of other people. Learning how to get around the golf course and more, this is the place for the perfect introduction to golf.


Golf Improvement

Okay, now we know you've got talent but what's stopping you getting to that 18 handicap? Distance, short game, mental game? Lets find out!


We love teaching kids, they are fun and absorb information like a sponge. Get your child started with golf today.


Play with a Pro

Why not have a game with PGA Professional Jeremy Reilly and find the way to shave strokes off your game.


What's the ball doing?

Using GC2 data you can see exactly what the ball is doing. The advantage of indoor golf is having no wind to give you false data.  


What am I doing?

With 3D live body data using K-Vest you can see what your body is doing in the swing and using the bio-feedback technology you can fix it in motion.


That's not all

At The Golf Hole we also have a great selection of training aids such as 3P plane swing, Sure Set, Tour Striker, Orange Whip, Superspeed Golf and more.